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  • Chain Leg Irons
  • 100 % made in South Africa
  • All parts made from steel (Pickle and Oil) with internal parts case hardened
  • Same design and construction as D.O.S. handcuffs
  • Static diameter 80mm
  • Linked with a 300mm chain and 5mm thick
  • Capable of withstanding 150kg static load
  • Single locking mechanism with two levers
  • Key can be on the same side as the cuff (although recommended to be on different sides, so as to enable easy access from either side.
  • Single lock therefore only rotates one direction. NB !!! unlocking and opening cuff in one direction has a world wide patent on it and thus makes these specifications unfair and one-sided, furthermore a two directional lock makes it more difficult for lock picking.
  • Jaw ratchets are passed through a press die.
  • Cuffs are nickel plated for reinforcing, scratch and wear resistant and therefore have a silver nickel colour. Black oxide has no wear resistance, scratches and is not weather proof thus it will rust.
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