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Our bulletproof vest are manufactured with the latest technology Aramid. Offering you more movability, a comfortable fit and ultimately a light weight vest.

The Eco Tactical Vest is a level IIIA Bullet Proof vest that offers protection against hand guns (9mm to 45 Magnum) Soft Armour ARAMID

Level IIIA ARAMID Vest will stop handguns 9mm – 45 magnum, however to protect the wearer against rifles such as AK-47, R1, R4 & R5, please combine your level IIIA vest with level III Ceramic Ballistic Plates (front & rear). Plates are sold individually

  • Protection Coverage: Front & Rear
  • Plate Pockets: Front & Rear Plate Pockets Included
  • Sizes are available in small, medium, large, extra large, 2XL and bigger if required
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